The quality that makes the difference

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Global2Evolution is the result of the merging of our transversal and complementary experiences, developed over 30 years of study and work in different areas.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to collaborate with professionals and trainers, today at the peak of their careers, who were enthusiastic about our project, placing all their trust in us.

Our skills, combined with those of our trainers, created a kaleidoscope of opportunities that will open new doors to the world and allow you to imagine a new future.

It is through this vision that Global2Evolution was born.

Our main goal: to help you pave the way to achieve your dreams. Just like we did!

We stopped chasing our dreams and we did all it took to turn them into reality.

We dreamed about training that could represent so much more. Not just knowledge and skills development. Not only upskilling and professional improvement. We wanted to offer you  access to well-planned and proven solutions, to our experience based on years of testing and studying so that you can use your time in a more fulfilling way and achieve your goals effectively.

We want to exchange ideas and develop your course plan so we can achieve greater success with you and for you.

We want to be the bridge to help you reach the goals you have always aspired to but have never dared believe in.

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We will be by your side on this road towards change.

We will walk with you in order to develop the content you need and we will do it with the help of a network of top-quality trainers.

Our network of highly professional trainers, among the best experts in their respective fields, will help you unleash the leader within and learn how to face any challenge.

Thanks to our experience we know how to organize a course program from A to Z.

You will be able to access comprehensive and well-rounded training.

You will have many networking possibilities thanks to the participation of people from different professional and cultural horizons.

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3 multi-skilled, high-level professionals.

Over 60 years of experience.

+12,000 hours of teaching and designing training courses

+10,000 hours of Conference interpreting.

+46,000 hours of Human Resources Management

+8,000 hours of business consulting

A network of more than 150 consultants and trainers from the most prestigious international organisations, such as European Institutions and International Training Bodies.

Partnership with more than 30 of the most significant and active trade associations and businesses. Thanks to which we offer personalized training aimed at achieving your goals.

Our company is young and ambitious and that is why we are working very hard to become number one in the field of online training.

We started by combining our skills and we will go forward thanks to our hard work and our “can do attitude”, which has already brought us so far, achieving unprecedented success.

Global2Evolution: our commitment, the freedom you want.