I am lucky, this was the job I dreamed of and I managed to do it! I always thought that work was not just the curse that we all need to endure in order to earn our living. Although at certain times work can be difficult and complicated, it is also a wonderful journey that allows us to learn more, to test ourselves and understand better what our skills are.

I came into the world of training in 1989, thanks to a scholarship for the AIF Train the Trainer Program. Since then, I have continued to work in experiential training, coaching, and counseling, in many sectors: Industry, Banking, University, Large Distribution, Services and Telecommunications. I organize learning workshops using different methodologies and I also get inspiration from the world of martial arts. With my learning groups I manage soft skills issues and help the groups engage in Change Management processes.

I have a degree in Sociology of Communication, and I have attended numerous masters organized by Sda Bocconi University, AIF, Tesi, Ismo, AISL.

In 2001 I attended the Master Outdoor Management Trainer – Omt © certification at the European Neurosystem Institute (Istituto Europeo Neurosistemica). In 2008 I became a Counselor in Transactional Analysis at the Berne Center (Milan) where I continue to be a supervisor and to participate in refresher courses. I am ascribed to the Italian Register of Counselors of AssoCounseling. Since 2014 I have attended Counseling Training on Voice Dialogue Methodology at WinnerTeam. In 2017 I became “Change Maker” following the ULab – Theory U methodology at MIT in Boston. In 2019 I also obtained the certification as a DoLquest Expert.

« Voglio trovare un senso a questa vita
Anche se questa vita un senso non ce l’ha ».

Vasco Rossi