Determined, resolute, outspoken, independent thinker.

These are the characteristics that have always accompanied me and guided me in every choice I made, on every path.

I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at Istituto Universitario Orientale in Naples, majoring in Catalan language and culture. I thought I would continue my studies and research in that world, and I began with a project funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a Catalan language lecturer and a Spanish Language and Literature assistant to professor G. Grilli.

Those four years were a real eye-opener for me and represent what has led me to shape what gradually has become my idea of training. Throughout that academic experience I was able to realize that world and I did not match as well as I had imagined. In fact, it had nothing to do with the idea of training that in the meantime I had begun to develop.

Paths of study that could convey knowledge and skills adapted to the needs of the world of work, began to change at great speed.  I sailed against the current from an early age. It was impossible for me to get caught up in a system that never really belonged to me.

I decided to expand my knowledge as a humanist, committing to a Master’s degree at SDA Bocconi in Milan that brought me closer to the corporate world, from an organizational and management point of view.

This is when I met Eleonora and Fabrizio. A friendship, especially with Eleonora, which has been consolidated over time and that has always seen us side by side. Together always, in our interwoven lives, in the most beautiful moments but also in the darkest and melancholic ones.

I worked for 25 years in several companies that dealt with training at a national level, in different roles, both in education and management. From vocational training to school and university education, until becoming director, in 2010, of an important fashion and design school based in Milan with offices in Italy’s largest cities.

In all these years, the idea that training should be an essential step for the individual and for the company has become increasingly important to me. Training as a time for personal and group growth. Training not as “learning” for its own right, but as a “moment of confrontation” in a world that changes at an unexpected rate and pushes us to accelerate and to exceed our limits.

In 2016 I made perhaps the most difficult and challenging, and arguably the bravest, decision to return to the South of Italy and start a business as an entrepreneur.

And this is where I found Daniela, also an old friend, who immediately supported my idea of creating a training school. This is how Global FIND was born. With the help of experienced partners in this area, the project started in 2017 with the development of the language sector, the first of a series of activities that we will continue. Within two years our organization has become an important regional reference point with over 150 members. The results obtained by our students have exceeded all expectations: a 97% pass rate of language certification exams.

As a good entrepreneur, always looking to the future, I decided to embrace a new challenge that will take me, with the help of technology, into a world already known, but whose boundaries are still to be discovered.

2020, Evolution.  A new, ambitious, wide-ranging project. A project that has been a long time in the making, and which has been realized todays, thanks to a reunion and a happy combination of skills and thought.

Global FIND and Global Gateway, together, towards new horizons.