A native Russian speaker, bilingual Italian, born in Turin.

Russian accompanies her from her earliest childhood, she graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature in Turin and deepened her skills first with a professionalizing course in Russian language translation at the TuttoEuropa Training Agency and then with a postgraduate course at Moscow University in « Methodology of teaching the Russian language as a foreign language ».

She is an expert in the field of teaching adults and students at different institutions (Università Popolare in Turin, CPIA 5 Turin, SSML Macagno in Cuneo, IULM in Milan). In 2016 she opened her own language school, “We speak Russian” with face-to-face and online lessons.

In addition to teaching, she is also busy dubbing films and documentaries. Since 2016 she is also the Vice-President of the Italian-Russian Cultural Association in Turin.

« Век живи, век учи… русский »