From birth, I grew up outside Italy, immersed in an English-speaking school system for the duration of my studies. A path that enriched me and became my passion: transmitting the English language and culture. A passion that influenced my way of living and seeing the world, said by many “too British”, but that makes my work both stimulating and engaging.

Returning to Italy at the age of 25, I continued and finished my university studies, graduating from the Faculty of Letters, with a thesis in English Literature, while continuing to pursue my passion of teaching thanks to continuous collaborations with English language schools in Italy. This is a time of change also thanks to meeting Ida, today my “brilliant friend”. She made this possible by supporting me and opening my eyes to a new world.

Currently, I am Head Teacher at the Global Find language school. I coordinate teachers and design language courses to prepare for language certification exams. Global Find was born from Ida’s idea: the creation of a specialized training school. It all started in 2017, and today it is a landmark in Campania.

“Spreading English globally”, my mission as a teacher, always driven to continuously search for advancements in the field of language training, studying and developing an innovative teaching methodology, which promotes effective and long-lasting learning in a positive and engaging environment.

The future is in this new Evolution, a new project created during a difficult time for many. Global2Evolution, a new challenge thanks to Eleonora, Ida’s long-life friend, an innovative project linked to innovative teaching methodologies for all those who aspire to success.

Why Global2Evolution? Summed up in a quote from Malcom X: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”