Давай поговорим по-русски – 20 hours

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Deepen some basic aspects of the language using a communicative method focusing on the main uses of cases and motion verbs without prefixes.

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Trainer: Elena Bulgarelli

Date: TBD

Hours: 20 hours

Attendees: 8

Targets: A1-A2 Students


5 4-hour Webinars – from 14am to 18pm


Day 1. – All about me: Talk about your life, your family and your job. – Daily routines and habits: focusing on one-way motion verbs. Conversation exercises, audio and video comprehension.

Day 2. – My Day: use of multidirectional motion verbs with frequency adverbs and lexical enlargement.  
– Reading on how Russians spend their free time. Curiosity and comments.
– Travel and descriptive adverbs: travel and holiday experiences. 

Day 3. – Moving around the city: transport and habits. What do sociologists say?
How do celebrities move? Reading, speaking and vocabulary – Place adverbs and modal adverbs: travelling around the city and asking for directions.

Day 4. – Modal adverbs: theory and practice. Short video «Можно и Нельзя» with comments. 
Pecularity of the adverb нужно.

Day 5. Comparison of tenses and usage: habits, past events and future projects. Speaking theory and practice.


At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued

Luxembourg Business Register # : B248141 – Ministerial Authorization #: 10114513 / 0


*The course will start with a minimum of 5 participants


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