Pусская жизнь – 20 hours

Pусская жизнь – 20 hours

de: 228,00 

Depeen the knowledge of the culture and lexicon of the Russian language thanks to a careful and in-depth analysis of the various themes proposed during each lesson.

Trainer: Ekaterina Sashchenko

Hours: 20

Attendees: max 8

Targets: B1-B2 Students

Format: 5 4-hour Webinars – from 9am to 1pm

Date: 16 – 20/12/2020


  • The Text : Дом,который построил Джек//Бар,который открыл барсук – Speaking – который – account of personal life. Summary of cases. The most difficult forms: Acc.pl-Gen.pl, Acc.-Dat., Nom.-Strum.
  • Video and speaking – Let’s compare the centuries (cartoon//film fragments)- Summary of cases: expression of time in the Russian language –
  •  Reconstruction of everyday situations (bank//taxi/restaurant). Summary of verbs: Imp.-Pf., Imperative
  • The Fairytale “Жил-был пёс”, text, video, conversation.
  • Verb summary: motion verbs with and without prefixes
  • Writing: Russian fashion and Italian fashion/stereotypes; Conversation
  • Motion verbs in a metaphorical sense


At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issue


380,00 (+ VAT)                                                                    

€ 266,00 (+ VAT)  – AIIC Members &  partner G2E  

Promo 2020 (until December 31st)

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€ 228,00 (+ VAT)  – AIIC Members &  partner G2E

*The course will start with a minimum of 6 participants


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Membres AIIC ou Association Partenaire G2E, PROMO 2020


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