Boost your creativity! – 8 hours

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Punk Management helps organizations to create an ingenious and creative balance between transgression and progression in order to add value in projects and teams.

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Speaker Alain Leduc – Punk Manager & Public Speaker

Date:  TBD Based on the number of participants

* The course will start with a minimum of 6 participants

Course structure

Four 2 hours modules


Webinar: 12 people


Managers, Team Leaders, employees, professionals, marketing and communications experts.


  • Punk Management
    1. Creative warm up: the routine roundabout and the transgression
    2. Transgress: define and shake your norm
    3. What’s progression? How to measure it?
    4. Conditions to be respected by the Punk Manager
    5. The Punk Management Process: 3 steps
    6. Punk creativity techniques. How to disconnect?
    7. The Management step: traps to avoid
    8. The 4 decompression stages
    9. Mutation of ideas: Give substance and keep audacity
    10. The « 6 Pistols »: six guns to challenge and strengthen ideas
    11. Punk Manager attitudes and behaviors
    12. Punk Manager, a new job for 2020
  • Wake up creativity 1
    1. Changing perception: Guilford’s test
    2. Chronological creative process: respect 3 stages
    3. Take a new impulse: turn a problem into an exciting challenge
    4. 3 techniques to identify les blocking factors
    5. Define the box before getting out of the box
    6. « Panoramification »: a concrete tool to stretch the perception
    7. Explore new options
    8. Rephrase the problem with a bold starting question
  • Wake up creativity 2
    1. Make the difference between and idea and and solution – creativity et innovation
    2. The creative balance: disconnection and discipline
    3. Four conditions to respect: how to speed up creativity
    4. Individual creativity: bouncing on your own ideas
    5. Creativity techniques: 5 practical tools and concrete examples
  • Wake up creativity 3
    1. Creating relevant solutions based on foggy ideas
    2. Respect decompression stops to bring ideas back to the surface
    3. Selection of promising ideas: choosing is not renouncing
    4. Drawing a first draft by designing families of ideas
    5. Evaluating the potential of ideas by using relevant criteria
    6. The mutation of ideas
    7. Construction of concepts: a practical tool to inject substance and coherence


At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued

Luxembourg Business Register # : B248141 – Ministerial Authorization #: 10114513 / 0

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