Every painting tells its own story.

Every creation has its own reason.

Every change leads to evolution.

Every evolution always starts from a reflection, in which our critical thinking makes us reconsider the status quo and guides us, almost deceptively, towards change.

A Re-volution from which an E-volution is born. Our Evolution.

An intimate evolution, a one-way street, from which there is no turning back.

However, change is not always welcomed by those who remain anchored to an immovable reality, to a reality that is always the same, like a still image you cannot take your eyes off.

For this reason, at first, the concept of this painting has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, not accepted.

I wanted to walk away from the stillness that too often surrounds me, so I decided to put a stroke through this picture. I dismantled it. To protect it. So that it would not be trampled on and would not become an Involution.

From this I have learned a lesson, one I will take with me, and will continue to influence my creations: Evolution must always be pushed forward at any cost.

Revolution is intimidating. Evolution is scary.

A conscious Evolution, be it social, moral, civil, or personal, can only take place after experiencing and overcoming obstacles such as wars, pandemics, miseries, inner hardships, depressions, pains.

In my work, the blue, the red, the black represent the hardships each one of us faces. But I deeply believe in the immense beauty of life, I know that there is always a way out, and that an arrow heading upwards indicates the way to Evolution. An evolution towards white, towards rebirth, the new.

An Evolution can also be inspired by simple things. A desire, a dream, a sincere friendship, like the one that binds me to Eleonora, Ida and Daniela. I sincerely hope they will continue to follow the path of Evolution.

An evolution towards a wider, higher dimension, towards the newfound purity.

An Evolution that I also wish for each one of you.

AlfredoAvagliano  2020