Punk Manager & Public Speaker

Alain Leduc is crazy passionate about creativity and Innovation for more than 25 years. He launched Creativores in 2008 with a clear will to stand out. 

He studied Creativity and Innovation at University of Psychology (Paris – Official Certification – 2008) and he is graduated in International Marketing

Management from HEC (Brussels 1994)

Alain speaks and leads assignments about creativity, innovation, change, collaboration, disruptionleadership, strategy & culture. He also conducts workshops and training experiences in Europe, Asia and United Arab EmiratesAlain is a resonating speaker who shares his passion with students at ICHEC business school and Ecole Pratique HEC in Belgium.

He created PUNK Management©, a disruptive approach to « Transgress conventions and generate Progress ». 

Alain’ conferences and workshops are inspiring and powerful experiences in which participants are stimulated to change the way they see, think and do things. The animation style is dynamic, interactive and fun. 

Alain operates (in french and englishin more than 10 europeancountries (France, BelgiumSwitzerlandItaly, Spain, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, The NetherlandsNorwayGermany, Portugal), in China (Shanghai) and in United ArabEmirates (Dubai)

Thousands of people attend Creativores experiences each year. 

Five values Alain shares about creativity and innovation:

1. CHALLENGE: break soporific routine and shake satus quowith a positive boost.
2. EXCITEMENT: create new opportunities with exciting ideas. 
3. ACHIEVEMENT: push ideas beyond intentions to make things happen
4. AUDACITY: dare going where others step back. 
5. FUN: people are tired about being told what to do. Fun leads them further.