Eleonora Ceriello

Ida Catapano

Daniela Annunziata

The Genesis.

From the notes of a piano to the vision of a bright future.

Notes that go up and down, playing the black and white keys of life’s infinite keyboard.

A life made of lines and colours, like the painting at the core  of this project’s name.

A project made from personal and professional growth and evolution.

From here comes Global2Evolution in the eyes of the one who inspired its genesis.

You, Fabrizio, imagined this Evolution, which was supposed to be yours too.

« One has to fly higher to be able to look far ahead, » you said.

And you have climbed so high that suddenly the wind has enchanted you and taken you away, on a journey to infinity, to that sky of yours « always wonderfully blue ».

Fabrizio Ceriello